Tuas Terminal

Facing the southern Tuas basin, our terminal has a 200 m berth with 8 m draft (zero tide) that can accommodate up to three bunker barges at one time.


  • 8 inch cargo hoses with a shore pumping rate of up to 1,000 MT/hour.
  • Three sets of loading arms, 10 pump sets (5x500cbm, 5x300cbm) enable simultaneous cargo operations.
  • Close proximity from pipelines to storage tanks.
  • Segregated tanks and individual pipelines devoted to different grades of oil products to prevent the risk of cargo contamination.
  • ISPS-Port Facility Security certified by Maritime Port Authority of Singapore.
  • Services for fresh water supply and refill.
  • In-house pilots and tugs to assist in berthing and unberthing, minimising waiting time.

Tank Farm and Lubricant Plant

With its advanced technology for quality control, our tank farm and lubricant plant is capable of meeting our customers’ storage needs and the exact blending specification they require. Our customers will also enjoy convenience from our comprehensive services comprising direct loading to and unloading from barges and packing finished products into a variety of sizes for distribution over land and sea.


  • 30 storage tanks with a total capacity of about 100,000 cbm available for short term and long term lease. These tanks are suitable for petroleum products of flash point above 60°C:
    • 6 units of 6,840 cbm
    • 6 units of 6,510 cbm
    • 1 unit of 3,508 cbm
    • 1 unit of 2,096 cbm
    • 1 unit of 1,955 cbm
    • 1 unit of 1,730 cbm
    • 7 units of 840 cbm
    • 2 units of 350 cbm
    • 3 units of 200 cbm
    • 2 units of 150 cbm
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified lubricant plant that has 10 blending kettles, five additive weighing tanks and a thermal oil heater
  • Equipped with a central control and monitoring system for blending operations, the plant can handle up to 50,000 cubic metres of lubricant blending annually
  • A wide selection of filling facilities for pails, drums and cartons ranging from 0.5 to 209 litres capacities allows packaging to be customised to suit the specific requirements of our customers.
  • Modern laboratory facilities for base oil and lube oil analysis

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